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Abstract This project proposes an electrical model of human cardio-vascular system for the diagnosis of various cardiac diseases like endocarditis, atherosclerosis, etc. Here, Atherosclerosis has been dealt with specifically. It is the hardening and narrowing of arteries, which slowly blocks the arteries and put blood flow at risk. An innovative electrical model Fig. 3 has been developed which is analogous to physiological structure of human cardio-vascular system. This model comprises of passive electrical components R, L C, 555-Timer, opamp, and potentiometer. This electrical model has been simulated in PSPICE and two different time-domain responses are generated, for qualitative analysis of cardiac disorders. For analyzing the disease, authors have considered its different qualitative stages, e.g. good and poor, for productive analysis. Deviation of responses from healthy cardiac output enables detection of the cardiac problem atherosclerosis. Authors have further extended the work for real-time transmission of patientrsquos cardiac status to a distantly located doctor. A micro-controller based device has been designed Fig. 9 that receives the cardiac pulses from an optical sensor, and under abnormal condition, it communicates the information to the patientrsquos mobile phone via XBEE transceiver. The patientrsquos mobile phone is preloaded with a JAVA based software application. It receives the data from the transceiver and automatically transmits it to distantly located doctorrsquos mobile phone.

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