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Youth 4 work The name itself indicates how itrsquos useful for youths. Here not named as work for youth because works can be done by anyone but the works done by youths are always energetic and something different, If we do not include some incidents we will find that all changes in history done by only youths. Either it was Young Ram who killed Ravan, Either it was young Bhagat Singh who made easier to get our independence. The same efforts are now doing by this Network. Every youngster will feel proud to be a part of this Network, yet I do not know more about this Network but to see the effort s I can say that this will be a great platform for youngsters. The most appreciating and good thing of this network is, they are working for youngsters and I hope by the same peoples, because we are one of the key to get success, we can think better, do better and the best thing we can maintain this betterment in any situation. I will also feel proud to work with youth 4 work Network.

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