Jaipur, , India
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• Did 45 days summer training internship at “International Airport at Jaipur”.
• Prepared a project report on “Communication ,Navigation & Surveillance” on various communication systems used at the International Airport.
• Did 2 months summer training internship at “DRDO(DEFENCE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION)” from Delhi.
• Prepared a project report on “ Sonobuoy Model”.
• Did research on Sonobuoy Model under guidance of Scientist –Archana Singh at
• Did six months training as part of curriculum in Solar Division of Genus Innovation Ltd. The profile includes -
• Tender study and preparation of Technical Gist
• Pre Assessment report / Site visit
• Presentation to Customer / Beneficiary with Solar utility benefits / for 50 KW to 1 MW project.
• Preparation of Bill of Material for Medium range Plant like 50 KW to 350 KW.
• Assisting with Technical Inputs for preparation of Tender Document
• Coordinating to Project Manager while Plant commissioning
• Coordinating to QC department in Plant audit
• Physical / Real time monitoring of Plant though Delta software and Analysis the generation
• Send weekly / Monthly report to Project Manager

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