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Reservation Vs. Talent
Yeah the most trending news nowadays in India….. Reservation is a deadly nightmare for every people who fall in “GENERAL CATEGORY”….Right from education to job. Today taking birth in general category is like a curse and taking birth in “SPECIAL RESERVED CATEGORY” is like taking birth with a golden spoon in mouth.

But , guys if the people who really need this facility is still out of reach of this comfort. This could be really understood by the fact that the workers who come to work in our homes are still poor…..Only the rich backward classes are getting richer and richer everyday….

According to me, facilities should be provided to those who are really poor doesn’t matter to which caste they belong. This facility should be of free education. No reservation for jobs should be given because jobs should be backed by those who really qualify the entrance test. Infinite students of upper castes commits suicide due to frustration seeing that students of lower castes with less percentage than them gets good jobs….

So,its totally true “reservation kills talent and makes India lame with defected professionals”…..

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