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M.Tech (Project Management):
? 1. Title: World Bank Data Indicator Country Index Management & Growth of Economy Inflation Control.
Description:a) Identifying important factors using Analytic Hierarchical Process(AHP) based on world bank data having more than 500 factors for 201 countries from 1980-2014.
b) Identifying weightage using AHP and Pareto's analysis based on World Bank data.
c) Best alternative and position of India comparing to other countries using TOPSISMethod.
? 2. Title: Project Planning, Processing & Management of 50T Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Plant.
B. Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation):
? 1. Title: Automation of Tank Level Control Using PLC.
Project report on “Tank Level Control” By the help of ‘PLC’.
Software: a. Simatic Manager (Version-5.3), b. Simatic Manager (Version-5.1)
? 2. Title: Wireless Speed Control of DC Motor.
Project report on “wireless speed control of DC Motor” By the help of hardware.
? publication details- "Identifying Weightage Based On World Bank Data" in the “journal of production research and management,”ISSN: 2249-4766(online), ISSN: 2347-9930, Volume 5, Issue 1 (2015), p.1-10.
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