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Interview feelings & mindset
I will start with zero level and will consider every aspect as coin has two sides and so is the case with Interviews.So lets start.. The Interview is usually preceded by the evaluation of submitted resumes from interested candidates, then selecting a small number of candidates for interviews. Hope You will find this blog worthy,here I will discuss more of interviewer or HR,because everyone just think about interviewee,no one think about the feeling of an HR,so lets start.. 1.Yes,Candidate must be efficient and must have right attitude and same is the case with an HR, a bad hiring decision nowadays can be immensely expensive for an organizationcost of the hire, training costs,loss of productivity, impact on morale, cost of re-hiring, etc. 2. One common misunderstanding is that the recruiter or hiring manager is the enemy. An interviewers goal is to put the right person into the job,this makes him or her your partner in the hiring process, not your enemy.So interviewer have to manage,so that applicant do not interpret things in a wrong way. 3. Interviewers should be aware that applicants can intentionally distort their responses or fake during the interview.That is called faking. 4. Most interviewees also find that practicing answering the most common questions asked in interviews helps them prepare for the real one.So,HR have to analyse whether the applicant had crammed the answers or not. Hope You have enjoyed. Thank you for reading spent your valuable time in reading my blog.

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