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Advertisements, advertisements, anywhere, everywhere, all over. Try as we may, but we just cant stop ourselves from watching them. My son, right from chocolates, toothpaste to cars….he wants what he sees on TV. Lets try and evaluate if they are actually what they are shown to be.
Lets start with our good old Maggi Maggi Maggi. Bas 2 minute? Seriously? The ‘real super human please stand up’, if you have ever managed to make Maggi in exact 2 minutes. No cheating there, I am not talking about uncooked Maggi. It takes a minimum of 10 minutes for it to get cooked. So, Strike Out 1.
Men’s Shaving Range : Before ‘rough sand paper’, after ‘satin smooth silk’. Can you believe it? Did any girl out there touch any man’s cheek which is silky smooth? No? Now don’t go about searching for such a nonexistent thing, just try your dad’s or husband’s or sons’ or brothers’. Sure you will get the answer (irrespective of any brand they might be using). People, don’t be so naïve. Strike Out 2.
Baby Diapers : It is not so easy to make a baby sleep peacefully through a night. No amount of Pampers or Huggies can help a mom. Ask me. I used the best brand available in the market. But Alas!! It could only last for maximum 4 hrs. If they like to equate those 4 hrs to overnight, then they have some serious maths problem. Sigh!! Strike Out 3.
Women’s Cosmetics : A woman’s best friend. Lipsticks, Kajals, Face Creams, will they make you into a Cinderella? Nope. The new anti-wrinkle creams are in now a days. Lemme try them on my crumpled shirt, so that I can save the energy of ironing my clothes. Phew!! Strike Out 4.
The most ridiculous things, I find, on TV are the so called pure and genuine Energy Bars and Health drinks. Such ads make kids believe that one bar of a chocolate or one serving of a favorite drink will make them a superman. Please educate children (why children, many elders too still trust everything shown on the idiot box) not to blindly follow these ads on TV. It will only do more harm than good.
Disclaimer : The things mentioned in this article are my personal opinion, requesting people not to fall prey to misleading advertisements.
Will sign off here otherwise media will portray me as a criminal and put me behind bars.

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