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A day with my Target customers
Well the days were going quite smooth at iBHubs Hyderabad daily we were being exposed to new sort of entrepreneur skills but on this day something different happened and we had been provided with the task of interacting with our target customers.So to complete that task and for that research we started from government area hospital which was around 8 km from us, we booked an Uber and reached there. When we entered we saw that the hospital was completely overcrowded, and there we approximately 20 to 25 people in line some of them were looking like that they have extreme fever yet they had no choice but to stand. Because none of us knows Telugu this automatically reduced the people under our communication range. Then at that instance we got our first person who fortunately knew Hindi from whom we started our market research, he was sitting with a baby in his hand. we moved to him and started to throw our question to him, overall from what he said i got a quick review that the hospital was kind of fine and even though there was such a long line people are satisfied with its service but at the conclusion of his statements he added a line that maybe other people have some problems and we should ask them also. In that very moment the guard of Hospital came to us and started asking questions to us and because of communication gap between us we were unable to convey our message to him and the very next moment we were thrown out of the hospital. But god’s grace the hospital has three entrances, we were shameless and prominently the statement of the person has compiled us to ask suggestion from some more persons also.But the problem with us was that the people were misinterpreting us as press or media and they were trying to avoid us.
But somehow we talked with eleven persons including mothers and asked them questions regarding their healthcare issues. And the challenge with us was that every other person was looking for different facilities, and they all had different opinions. And then we thought to move out of the hospital and when we moved out we saw many men sitting in the compound of that very hospital then as our traditional rule I shouted , Do you know Hindi?? to a person who was sitting on the ground. And he replied with a yes then we moved to him and started to ask our questions traditionally, And he replied with nothing except a sad smile on his face. Then at the very next moment he said when I was suffering from problems for past fifteen days and needed someone to tell my problems then no one came to me, and now when it is solved you are coming to me and asking that what problems i have. This made us feel embarrassed and it hit my mind I had no reply for this man and I sat on the ground with him and then he started to tell his story in that time i noticed a beautiful baby probably his daughter was sleeping on that dusty ground near him. And as our conversation ended and we were about to leave he offered us cold water that he has brought from his home. And after taking leave from him we went near a tree in the ground and sat there for a while.

Our next target was private hospitals and clinics there we interacted with some more people who had the statements that they had been provided with wrong medical reports and suggested to live in hospital only for the sake of money. Some of them had the problem that the doctor or management is not giving correct response to them, one person even told that the doctor has given him medicines without asking what is his problems and as expected some of them told that to avail different facilities they have to search for different facilities places. But the point was the person going to Apollo or Continental were having no problems at all. So Overall, it was kind of a nice experience and I came to know several facts to whom I was unaware at first. I came to the point that the success of Med_X is only possible when it provides complete transparency of services and if people trust it.
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