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Confrontation with Validation board
Well I hope you guys would have read my previous blog about our market research for our startup Med_X. So this was not enough to satisfy iBhubs and they exposed us to one more new concept that of Validation board. They taught us that how can we use validation board and how to overcome the difficulties in your startup using this principle.

So, when I concentrated on what they were really trying to convey us then it just stroke my mind and I got one solution to all my problems. The problem with we entrepreneur is that we think about innovation and problem solving too much , but we forget about our target customer segment. So validation board is a quick and reliable method to check your startup. I think it not only gives us validation but also helps us in iterations in our startup.

I deeply think that no startup can have a perfect value proposition at start and there comes the solution i.e;validation board. So we should work at least once on it so that we can have a clear cut idea about our startup.

For a better example, I have given a video link below which will help you understand why really it is necessary and its uniqueness is that it has been made by a startup itself. Hope it will help you with your startup journey, not taking too much time of yours I wish you all a very happy startup journey.

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