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Marketing Management
Marketing is new and modern concept which has a wider scope. Marketing means identifying and satisfying the needs of a customer. Marketing starts with identification of customer needs and it never ends. It is a fragmented approach which aims to satisfy the wants of a customer. Its principle states that let the seller be aware caveat vendor. Marketing facilitate in creation of demand of a product, goods or services in the market through advertising, sales promotion and personal selling. Marketing management assist in profitability, growth and standard of living. It also helps in making an open communication and good relationship between buyer and seller. According to producer concern, marketing helps in introducing a new product and enhance the market share by constant demand reduces the cost of product leads to economies of scale. When we talk about the customer, it educates customer and makes them aware about the products and services present in the market, brand awareness give them employment opportunities and improving the standard of living of the customer. It required at all levels of management. It is inter disciplinary in nature made up of several subsystems. Functions of physical supply help transfer, storing and distribution of goods and services from manufacturer to customer during a channel of distribution. Facilitating functions of marketing includes marketing research, product planning and development, finance, packaging, standardizing and grading role executed by a marketing manager. Marketing management is an integral part and operative functions of management based on philosophies of management. Marketing is universal application i.e. applied at all. Effective marketing plan must be done after doing a research about the goods and services which can attract and keep hold of customers. It will make a rough outline about the budget as well. Internet marketing is usually applied by large organizations as it offers one to one approach in the market. Internet marketing is less expensive which target the large audience. E business works in stages from customer commitment cycle through search engine marketing SEM, search engine optimization SEO, banner ads, email marketing, and much more. Through online marketing it aids in getting increment sales revenue. Social media marketing is another business model of marketing to hit the mark viewers. Marketing strategy depends on goals and cost-volume-profit CVP analysis of business. Strategy of marketing plays an important role which is forceful and innovative for a large business analyzing of competitor, customer and market. Marketing strategy involves inspection about internal and external factors of environment that influences the organization objectives.

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