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Why I built my tested profile at Youth4Work and why you should too A 21 Year old Delhi University student ,with good grades, Academic performance, Extra-curricular activities including a selection in one of the important considered committeePlacement committee .Perfect I guess This what I thoughtWhether its a rigrous selection process of committee, giving your 100 to college activities or balancing academics, one should get into desired career or better to call what others say job. Months of struggles started June 20th 2013Uploading my cv polished cover letter to some of the prominent job-search sites facebook groups, I thought it would be more than sufficient to land up the type of job I wanted to do. Few companies,recruiters either offering off the tail job profiles, packages, others unapproachable .The irony of these sites are there business, number of employee- employers ratio still increase even when students like me are not able to get the jobs what they want according to their skills .Few sites even offered internships but on what basis- merely cv.Result-Job with poor profiles paypackages. Was there a gap of employability generation skills , Limited human resources orEmployers What in actual needed was a platform to demonstate proof that a student possess or has acquired skills /talents what is required by organization for the specific job roles. My train of stress/struggle stopped while reading a blog about Youth4work. Youth4work to the rescue- for it saved my time, effort, energy .It didnt only provide me a typical job site where I could apply for the job I wanted to do but to glance through so many features it had. In short it was a combination of Linkdn Pagalguy.A likeable choice for students like me. Some of the attractive features of youth4work was 1. y-tests Online tests for categories ranging from java, C ,Communication skills marketing. These are in the form of MCQs ,where 1000s of students take tests consequently ranks get displayed. 2. Discussion Forums Connecting students across the globe onto one platform to discuss various career related topics what mattered to them. Here you are encountered with so many students, for you end up making friends here,for the common interests/skills students share with each other. 3. yChallenge Customized MCQs , for the topis, questions students wants to enquire from others .These MCQs are tailor-made by students themselves ,be it G.k, current affairs, Marketing , B- plans etc. This is my personally favourite for it gives a choice to put forward questions relevant to specific interests. Creating a Profile then was an obvious choice for me.I was ready to take challenges, take tests, Prove my worth Ready for climbing up the ladder of success. As I have always said- Youth4work created a platform for career making rather than merely job Dont wait for an struggle like I did, and start building your profile on Youth4work, for I dont think so,but believe that it would be worth doing it.

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