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Its pretty hard to imagine a teen life without the puppy love. Its always just THERE, you know Its constantly thought about, worried about, then thought about some more, laughed about and over thought about. But what pricked my conscience was the following question How do you know that what you feel is love So, what is it Is it what I see in the movies or read in those soppy books Is it what I feel with whoevers proposal I accepted Is it what I feel with my best friend usually the other sex that I tend to confuse with friendship Is it what makes me stop and look at the other person the second time Is it only the butterflies in my tummy Is it my want to talk to that person every breathing moment Is it thinking about the other all the time and being miserable because we are far apart Teen love, is exactly all of the above. Its almost like teens are more in love with the IDEA of being in love than actually being in love. Dont get me wrong, many soul mates meet in their teens too, but those are the rare lucky. Everything has to be perfect. It needs to be as perfect as Professor Utoniums power-puff girls. There has got to be the perfect blend of sugar, spice and everything nice. A little chemical X only adds to the excitement. I mean, cmon Every teen love is sooo incomplete without the villian. And if, by chance, you have a somewhat of a Tina, Anjali and Rahul triangle, youve hit the all time love jackpot No matter what people say, teen love is all about rainbows and butterflies. There is no black or white, there is only red. And it is the biggest hurdle one needs to cross to officially grow up. Everybody knows that one cant be mature without having been in teen love. I mean, grow up kiddo No offence, I was just goofing around. But on a serious note, teen love is as important as the wisdom tooth, maybe even more so. Sooner or later, everybody goes through it. Some hide it, some flaunt it, some nurture it and some destroy it. Everybody wants to be in love, if only to understand all those Taylor Swift songs, to feel special, to understand what is so exciting about candle light dinners and flowers and chocolates. And so, everybody dives in headfirst the first time round. I did. I soooo wanted to be in love that I assumed I was in it. Of course, I realized my craze soon enough. Not nearly soon enough But I also realized, that NOW I know what I want in the person I fall in love with, what I want to feel, how I want to be and how my relationship should be. My teen love made me understand what actual love feels like. As will yours. So go ahead, dive in blind folded and embrace what you get with open arms, but dont be very hurt when you have to let it go, because then youll be ready for the real deal. And NO MATTER what, never regret any decision you make, whether wrong or right have the courage to face its consequences, all good and bad. So fall in love. Laugh a little, cry a little. Go ahead, just live a little.

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