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In this era, it is very important that one should do what he likes to do and what he is interested in because doing hard work in today's age is not the only option to success. Smart work is required to achieve results and progress in life.
So, It all started with that Debate and Extempore Competitions that usually happen in every school and after participating and even winning some of them gave me the Confidence that I can do something significant. Then came the 10th Standard which is generally considered as the Career deciding part of one's life where I chose Science. At first, I chose Science because I was quite intrigued by its practical ways and applications in Real Life though I didn't much liked the theory part of it but everything has its own importance.
Then the final 12th Standard came where I became the School Caption because of the leadership qualities that I had and also I was very outspoken which is quite evident by now, though it is a great experience when you are the super senior but on the contrary you get lots of responsibilities as well. It was overall a very rewarding experience for me.
Now finally came the Engineering and I chose this as I wanted to build something for the society which will improve it in some way whether it being finding the alternative of paper which is being wasted in the form of Tissues, Cups etc to such a extent which cannot be controlled or finding any innovative way for the worldwide application of something big like Blockchain.
So, I am finally at a stage where I need to be guided in a direction where I want to work for making a significant change and that something in my sense is Blockchain and would like to work in that area which will surely improve the world in a Constructive Way.
Also I am flexible and can explore other areas also like Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Video Editing etc.

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