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Apple to change casing material and enter the race to amoled screens.
Securities analyst from KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new report that predicts Apple will be switching to "non-aluminium casing, with glass" which will most likely be used for the iPhone models starting in 2017.

If accurate, the design change would not apply to the iPhone 7 expected to launch this September. Yet would apply to the iPhone 7S, which to ModMyi doesn't make sense why Apple would implement glass to the iPhone 7S where usually the 'S' is more likely to be an inside the iPhone update rather than a new design refreshment.

Apple already uses glass casing for iPhone 4/ 4S, and non-Apple brands have also been using glass casings. We therefore think a drop test will not be problematic for glass casing. A glass casing may be slightly heavier than an aluminum one of the same thickness, but the difference is so small that the use of the thinner and lighter AMOLED panel will compensate for that.
Many sources have claimed that Apple may release an OLED-based iPhone as early as 2017.Samsung, LG Display, AU Optronics, Japan Display, Foxconn-owned Sharp, and others are said to be manufacturers of the OLED screen. Kuo said at least one model could have a 5.8-inch OLED screen with curved glass casing.

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