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1. Title of the project:
Application of supported platinum group metals towards the electrocatalytic oxidation of low molecular weight alcohols (C1-C4)

2. Aims and objectives of study: Alcohols (mainly methanol and ethanol) are widely proposed as possible hydrogen alternative fuels for mobile applications such as electric vehicles [1, 2]. The use of methanol as fuel has several advantages in comparison to hydrogen: it is a cheap liquid fuel, easily handled, transported, and stored and with a high energy density value [3, 4]. Ethanol also offers an attractive alternative as a fuel in low-temperature fuel cells because it can be produced in large quantities from agricultural products and it is the major renewable biofuel from the fermentation of biomass. Other low molecular weight alcohols, such as propanol and ethylene glycol, have been also tested as fuel, particularly for alkaline fuel cells [5].
Over the past few decades, the electro-oxidation of alcohol in fuel cell application has attracted growing attention. Fuel cells offer excellent benefits over conventional power sources. A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen or other oxidizing agents [6]. An alcohol based fuel cell is attractive because liquid organic fuels can be easily stored and transported with the use of existing gasoline infrastructures.
The aim of the study to develop the catalyst based on the platinum group metals for the electro-chemical oxidation low molecular weight alcohols (C1?C4).
The objectives of the research are as follows:
[1] Design and synthesis of the suitable catalysts based on platinum group nanometals supported on polymer matrix.
[2] Characterize the synthesized nanostructured materials.
[3] Investigate the electro-catalytic responses of the alcohols in terms of selectivity and specificity towards the catalysts.
[4] Develop the platinum group nano metal based electro-catalysts suitable for fuel cell application.

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