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The year is at its end, time for celebration. The Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, people tend to take long vacations and spend time with their near and dear ones. But when is work is at the back of your mind, this can spoil your mood and even not fair on the part of your family. But if you are working in the field of content marketing, I can provide you with a little solution to the SEO based content marketing in the upcoming year, 2018 which will save your time, energy and prevent you to spoil your trip. So here I have penned down the list of three SEO trends for 2018.
1. Mobile-first Index:
According to the research based on 77 billion websites, 55.79% searches happen on mobile. Therefore, Google has made the mobile version of the web as their primary search engine index. Google is soon going to create its web from a mobile browser view. Here I have mentioned a few points to keep in mind i.e.
• Give a thorough reading of Google’s Webmaster Blog Post
• Go Responsive yesterday
• Even if you don’t have a mobile site, then don’t worry, it will run your desktop version.
• If you have a mobile site, make sure the content on both mobile and desktop site is similar enough in order to achieve proper content and rank of your site.

2. Voice Search:

Voice search is one of the easiest methods to search on the internet all you need is a voice command. This saves time takes for typing and provides accurate results.
According to Google, 20% of all the searches on the internet are done through voice search, so why waste an amazing opportunity to divert more traffic towards your website.
As the world is getting more and more digitalized, voice search makes the searches way more conversational in nature. Here is a quick list to make the process effective.
• Use Micro data
• Talk like your Customers would talk
• Ask the Questions your target customers would ask
• Make sure your Website is mobile friendly
• Dive deeper with semantic search

3. Visual Search:

You may have heard a picture is worth than a million stories same goes here. According to a research, a webpage with images, videos and info graphics tend to earn 94%more views than the webpage rich in text. A human mind is functioned to remember a lot of visual details rather than the facts and figures compiled together. Visual Search is a step forward in order to provide ease to the users to search products through images. This feature requires the web designer to write a code or install a plug-in among the available ones.
Follow the steps mentioned below in order to create user-friendly visual web search:
• Remove whole lot of steps in the process of finding products
• Enhance the quality of the on-site search experience as it leads to customer satisfaction, increase conversions, saves times to get an exact product.
• Skip dead ends as it provides users with a list of similar products from other brands and in the same budget hopefully.

Enjoy your Holidays in a stress-free manner by following the above-mentioned techniques.

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