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Tally, Auditing, Accounting
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1. Accounting :

Monthly Income Booking & Generating Invoice
Travels Bill Accounting & Payment
Vendors Bill Accounting & Payment
Employee Reimbursement Accounting & Payment
Director Sitting Fees, Commission Payment
Updating Cash Book, Bank Book & other Ledger A/c’s
Distributors Brokerage working & Payment
Processing yield payout to investor
Salary Processing – Extend Support to HR Dept
Petty Cash
MIS- Income & Exp Statement, Cash Position, Debtor & Creditor Variance.

2. Banking :

Tracking of Fund Movement
Bank Reconciliation

3. Treasury :

Daily investment under various Mutul Funds

4. Statutory Compliance :

TDS Payment & Returns File
Professional Tax, Provident Fund Payment
Service Tax Working, Payment & Online Returns File
VAT Working, Payment & Online Returns File
Advance Tax working & Self Assessment tax payment
Preparing Computation and after Approval of Senior Uploading ITR

5. MIS Reporting :

Financial MIS of Advisory Companies, Scheme & other Consultancy Companies
Treasury MIS
Outstanding Debtors Position

6. Compliance Post Company Formation

Bank Account opening
Pan & Tan Number
Service Tax Registration
Professional Tax Registration

7. Mutul Fund:

Dividend Booking Monthly
Daily Investment in Mutual Fund

8. OFCD/ICD/CP Working:

Working OFCD/ICD/CP Interest
Interest Receivable tracking

9. Reconciliation :

CAMS Contributors(Investor’s) Reconciliation,
Ledger Reconciliation.
Bank Reconciliation

10. Audits, Tax Audit, Financials:

Preparing Standalone And Consolidated Financials
Co-ordinate with Auditors to finalize the Accounts
Preparing document required to Auditors
Preparing Balance sheet and profit and loss statement of the company
26AS Reconciliation
Income TAX Status
Outstanding Liability Sheet
Prepaid Exp Sheet
Fixed Assets Registered
Debtor, Creditor, Advance Ageing
Arranging Bank, Debtors, Creditors Confirmation
Tax Audit Clause Working

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