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Things you should know before stepping into Entrepreneurship
In India, unemployment is a really big issue and is also the reason for declining Country's growth. It can be solved by encouraging Entrepreneurial activities which will help in increasing jobs and in turn, will increase Country's economic growth.
But to be an Entrepreneur one should know some important things before getting into this -

1. Try to solve a problem - Step towards entrepreneurship starts when you are trying to solve a problem for someone which helps them and also helps you generating value.

1. Patience is much needed - When you start your own business you need to be patient until you get the required results as it can sometimes take years to boom and can sometimes take just a month.

2. Don't fake it till you make it - Yes, you should not fake your success until you are really successful as faking things can make business reputation go down.

3. Work smart as well as hard - Working hard cannot make a difference until you have an efficient plan.

4. Be ready to be flexible - A flexible business plan which can be changed according to the changing environment and needs will help business grow.

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