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It has been established that the success of a business rests on its relationships with the external world- customers, vendors, regulators, activists, legislators and other parties. To establish a strong foothold in Orissa, IT Companies need to engage with the wider ecosystem in place. It would need to undertake activities that go beyond the scope of business. This would not only help in establishing a presence colleges, professionals, recruitment agencies but also gauge the market attractiveness talent, competition within market etc. Additionally from a long term perspective, there would be a need for Integrated External Engagement. This would also require us to identify the stake holders involved directly and indirectly. The following are some steps in that direction Engage with Colleges and Corporate Provide a platform that goes beyond the traditional means of interaction. This could be done by hosting events on the lines of TATA Crucible and/or summits inviting both students and professionals alike. Stakeholders Students Engineers, MBAs etc, professionals including PSUs. Marathons In association with not-for-profit organisations for a cause keeping in mind the companies39 vision mission. Open to Public at large. Publicity in corporate houses. Coverage in Media Gain visibility engage in CSR. Stakeholders Corporates, Students, Government authorities, NGOs, public at large. Skill Based Initiatives in association with ITIs As a another social initiative, Mindtree can tie up with Industrial Training Institutes and help in skilling trainees in computer based skills, that can be used at level 1 of IT workforce could be fixing internal computer systems and absorb them within the workforce after successful completion. With a view towards growth of BPO sector in India, it can engage in training select ITI trainees for a future in BPO. Stakeholders Government officials, authorities engaged in making Orissa an investment hub, ITIs, lesser privileged students.

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