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Project Management, Team Leadership, Supervisory Skills
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• Project management - Engineering projects of LCA Wings (AIR Craft Wings),Satellite Assemblies, Motor casings (PSLV/GSLV), GSLV Nozzle Hardware, 32-M Antenna for Chandrayan I & Aerospace Ground based Equipment (Diffuser Ejector System, Plate Stretcher) turnkey projects.
• For Successful execution of product within technical, schedule, cost, resource & quality commitments.
• To manage cost of project, responsibility, authority & accountability for project scope delivery.
• Project execution & monitoring the schedule to exceed the delivery commitments with supply chain management both in-house & subcontracting for material planning & Vendor Co-ordination including global suppliers.
• Estimation for new projects and analysis of ongoing projects for business & operational excellence respectively.
• Responsible to plans estimates, creation of baseline budgets, & Risk Management, helps, Identify & document program constraint and assumptions, identifies, Milestones & applies earned value Methodology Including development of deliverables based WBS .
• Facility up gradation to increase Production.
• Configuration management of engineering drawings and documents using Product Life Cycle Management (PLM- Matrixone) Environment.
• Process planning with cutting layouts for fabrication and machining operations for optimum utilization of material and resources.
• Analyses programme data looks for trends working in cross disciplinary manner with other departments & facilitates the prelaunch program management teams & engineering teams to ensure timely deliverables on project related deliverables.
• Implementing ISO 9001: 2001 & 2008 Internal & External Audit requirements.
• To lead the creation of integrated project plans, schedule, and project budget in partnership with the team in organisation.
• Responsible for execution of projects including project planning, scheduling, execution and site work (safety assurance, erection, integration and commissioning)
• Identification of major processes and discussion with process experts regarding feasibility with current resources.
• To manage, forecast, collect cost & report on project Budget/schedule to meet the SOW requirement.
• Identification of contractors for outsourcing & vendor development.
• Project risk assessment and maintenance of linear responsibility chart. Proactive detection and removal of -
o Project bottlenecks -Resource constraints, human resource, vendor quality etc.
o Process bottlenecks–Technical constraints, skilled manpower availability, machine capability etc.
• Negotiating and close monitoring of critical activities at vendor premises including supplier/vendor development.
• Ensure product cost according to the target. Ensure controls one in place to support base line change management to meet program commitment.
• Coordination with various departments, customers and major stakeholders such as production, Quality Control, Design, Dispatch department etc., for project execution. Closure and Handing over sub-projects to customer
• Ensure adherence to get reviews. Ensure Best practise & lessons learned are captured & properly disseminated, Co-ordinates all risks & requirements of the projects. This is accomplished by planning, controlling, Integrating all project activities & deliverables & measuring all elements to ensure the requirements & goals are successfully achieved.
• Sharing of learning and risk plans/impacts with stake holders for improved execution of the project. Implementation of POOGI (process of ongoing improvement)/ CIP (continuous improvement process) for reduction in time delays and identification of CTQ (critical to quality) parameters for improving quality and customer satisfaction.
• Track program performance & provide periodic project updates to Business Heads, Ensure standard program management process utilised & adequate support to the project team by co-ordinating PM reviews, preparing & publishing reports.

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