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First wheelchair model evolved long back in 18th century, but rapid development in this field initiated since mid of 20th century. Since then, many varieties of models had been designed, extending into broad range of products. Electric wheel chairs are available in market at a very high cost. In India, electric wheel chairs for school going children with disability are not affordable. This project involves the design of an economically designed electric wheelchair for children with disability.
Disabled children mostly depend on manual wheelchairs and other persons for their day to day movements. These wheelchairs are mostly not suitable for outdoor use. Moreover, the children must use physical force to turn the wheels to change the direction. This action is physically stressful and can result in muscle and joint pain, torn rotor cuffs, repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome; which causes secondary injury or further disability. The wheel chair is a major hindrance to continue their education.
So it is necessary to develop a self driven, user friendly and a low cost wheel chair which can drive the children to schools. In the proposed work, the wheel chair is designed to run in outdoors at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. For smoother operation, BLDC motors are used and the electronic control is made using a microcontroller. Battery is used to supply the motor and electronic controllers. Solar panels are used to charge the battery in day time when the wheel chair remains idle in schools.
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