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I have worked on a project named \'a smart robotic arm \' for inspection and sorting\' during my last year of engineering.It involved a pick and place robotic arm built on a gyro car used for picking up balls of three different colors and placing it to its respective compartments provided in the car.It also involved overload indication,obstacle detection using ultrasonic sensor and RF module for direction of movement of car after obstacle detection and overload indication.

i have done this project named 'smart robotic arm for inspection and sorting in my college days which involves sorting of fruits based on their color.The robotic arm does obstacle avoidance,indicates whenever overloading occurs.We have created two stations ,one where the gyro car onto which we mounted robotic arm is responsible for sorting,overloading indication,obstacle avoidance,second is main station ,we named it ,whenever obstacle comes on the way of gyro car,signal is sent from 1st station to main station by Zigbee and thus gyro car stops there and then ,and returns to main station.

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