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STRATEGIC MGMT, SALES PRODUCT MARKETING, BUSINESS HEAD PROFESSIONAL Sales Sales Management Marketing National Regional Sales Force Leadership ndash Business Development Business Analytics Strategic Business Management Product Brand Management Key Account Management MBA EMBA with Over 12 Years of Extensive Experience in Leading and Making Sales and Business Development. Presently with INVEST LED GROUP an Indo-British Partnership PAN INDIA Sales and Marketing of LED LIGHTING products, Has expertise of managing ALL Zones Sales , Marketing Operations with MORDERN RETAIL Channel Distribution by Virgin Deployments, Lastly Worked With CHANRAI GROUP having companies like REDINGTON INTERNATIONAL OLAM for the AFRICAN BUSNIESS ndash Scattering ndashinto FMCG, LIGHTING, GEARS, SOLAR, UPS, INVERTERS, BATTERIES, WIRESCABLES, ELECTRICALS BUSINESS, followed by EVEREADY INDUSTRIES one of the Pioneers in FMCG in INDIA as Product and Brand Management Head, Last to Last with the 1 Consumer Lighting Manufacturer in INDIA, HALONIX INDIA LIMITED ,at Kolkata-India, as Manager Sales Marketing, East Zone for FMCG Consumer Lighting, Previously Worked with Industry Pioneers as 1 Lighting Player PHILIPS ELCTRONICS INDIA LIMITED HENKEL SPIC INDIA Leading FMCG Leaders also for SYLVANIA-HAVELLS. All set with Launching new business, develop new markets, establish market presence, and capitalize on niche markets. Continuous Market Expansion Penetration Identify, establish, and manage strategic planning to leverage marketing deeds, significant long-term business opportunities. Focus on progression from vision and strategy to implementation, problem solving, and follow-through. Specialization in Illumination Technology. In depth knowledge in selecting LEDs based on applications, competition analysis. Expertise in Product Management, Marketing and Sales. Handled OEMs and Vendors. Brand Management Key Account Management, Heading, product design of Lamps Luminaries designs for street lighting, High bay and studio lighting application to the OEMs.

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