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Present Organization ldquoCroma Campusrdquo DEMO PROJECT Project Gexpro ndash Night Care Client Gexpro Location US Fairfield Technology Java, Oracle 9I, Xml, JBoss Domain Enterprise Description Gexpro Enterprise Management System EMS is fully integrated web based business management and collaboration software solution. Gexpro Enterprise Management System EMS ingrates all business functions on a single website by which your products, ideas and services reach everywhere where internet is available. With wireless internet connectivity, you are able to manage your business from remotest of places in world. Gexpro - EMS has the following modules 1. User Registration 2. Administrator 3. Website Designer 4. Gallery Designer Photo, Audio Video 5. Blogging Service 6. Email Service 7. Live Chat Service 8. User Updates 9. Calendar Alerts Roles Responsibility Analysis of Requirement Document and prepare Query Log. Update the Traceability Matrix. Design and Execution of the Manual Test Cases. Perform Integration, System, Re-Testing and Regression Testing. Defect Tracking and Defect Logging. Prepare DSR Daily Status Report and WSR Weekly Status Report. Test Execution as per the Test Plan.

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