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Knowledge of maintenance procedures, inspection systems, related manuals, applications, materials & parts and regulations governing their acceptance. Conversant with safety precautions and fire prevention with ability to select and record data necessary to substantiate machine / equipment worthiness. Proficient in using measuring instruments and test equipment. Knowledge of State & local regulations that affect maintenance, operations, preventive maintenance practices and procedures with ability to develop and maintain programs,
Recent assignment of 2 mega projects having involvement as team leader for eqpt selection/design(as per safety and operational safety norm-HSEF-HAZOP), manufacturing excellence (incorporation of best engg practices), stage wise inspection/tests at vendor shop, load test clearance , erection at site, pre commissioning and commissioning at site, start up at full load and product stabilization.
Developing maint strategies like-categorization of eqpt, developing PM schedule, condition monitoring schedules, overhauling strategies , development of equipment service sheets, overhauling sheets, logging of all abnormalities found during any activity, implementation of best practices, incorporation of recommendation of various sites from similar eqpts and communicating finding/corrective actions to various sites for adaptation, safety and interlock of eqpt/process for reliability.
Up gradation and DBN of various rotary machines for revision in codes and standards, generation of best engg practices and inclusion of latest finding / observations.
Identification of BAD ACTORS/MAJOR THREATS in each site and risk mitigation plan to overcome the threats, Bridging with OEM, DEC, site/plant operation and maintenance for achieving excellence in every sphere.

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