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What is humanity ,is there anything hidden meaning in it every one knows humanity.Humanity is the that will used to be said ,am an honest and am an greater than others because I used to help poor people ,I will serve the oldmans,I poar water for birds and I will sacrifice my seat for old laddy in bus.Is this show humanity or it called as an humanity , like this I will always quationing my self.inseat of time I used to what is humanity, a man how was an 70years old was walking on road ,he use cross all the villages , and enter into a city he was an old man he doesn't have beautiful face , he doesn't have a good language he his not well educated or he doesn't know at least how to feed himself.The days are passing he getting more hangry ,he don't have food , water only the food for him,he doesn't want to beg.he want a work but no one giving him a chance to work by seeing his clothes and face which are every Maddy .One he use think and went to an pond and he started cleaning his clothes and face.he had bath and went to an shop ,and request for a work ,no one responded for him ,nobady want to give chance,he sleep beside a road and will feed with water only as days are going to he loosing energy and become very seek ,in the time a small girl was an 8 year old come to him and use to give an bread that man feel as happy because at least a small girl was thinking himself and want to help him.he eatted it and saying like this ,your an just 8 year old and but you have big heart and help me a lot that the girl was simplely smile and live the place that man was shocking by seeing her because he has to know that she doesn't have eyes,she was blind then he realized that there were a hounders of people's passing him but no one responding , thousand of eyes are watching himself but no on think himself, because they are busy with there works ,as society becoming an industry as meachines are running without heart the peopl are being like that finally he realized that I have a my sense organs with perfecting working still I use to asking for work,am think that I don't to beg but a having begging for work ,and decided to work by creating work himself.If you have the all abilities plice repond other you don't want to help but your words are more powerful than your help.We are always think that I don't have money ,how can I help,there are lot of things that are greater than they are your smile, words, responding.We don't that our smile words are work as healing medicine to ohters cancer.There is nothing a great think in humanity if we have beautiful heart we don't need any think it can gives millions of
Strength to avaid anything As the girl in the story,we don't want to help the peoples after loosing our eyes ,we just want make
a think heart.

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