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Dear viewer I lost every thing from my childhood unless pay the fees for education upto my degree B.Sc Maths, Stats, Computer Sciecne i can mannage by working that year is 2005 but i want become a good software programmer i want to study the MCA on that time but there is Rs 28000 fee for MCA i got a good rank but useless that time should be pay the fee that time. But i never leave my achievement i am written every year ICET and got good rank but useless. Finally by the CM of YSR he is give schollership of the all the students that free education from 2005 to 2008 i lost my career.Now i am passed the MCA with 75 2011 but every software company asking the gap of 2005 to 2008 and i lost lot of opportunities in software companies so worked in school as a computer teacher. So please help me to achieve my ambition to get a job in IT field. I NEED A JOB IN IT FIELD

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    • Hi Sarrwar Babu,
      I can totally empathize with your situation and I've very high respect for your aspirations.
      I see you've given many yTests already and have decent yRanks. What I can suggest you is to check if you've filled up your profile details about preferred job locations correctly. There are many opportunities in Hyderabad and Bengaluru in IT on our platform. Also improve your yRanks by participating in respective talent forums. You'll see 'Reputation' points in front of each talent. build your reputation in 1-2 months by asking and answering questions of that talent..
      Also, ask your friends to vouch for your talents.. you'll see this in your talent profile itself..

      Hope you'll engage more with our platform and get a nice job asap. If you want to, also check our Premium Profile upgrade option.. Few people have already tried that and are finding it helpful..

      Sharad Bharadva, Team Youth4work

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