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Dos Remember that how you say something and what your body language is doing while youre speaking is more important than the words that come out your mouth. The you is a very persuasive word so the more you can say, As Im sure you know, or As Im sure youve heard, the more easily others will respond to you. Sound happy when you say, Im happy to meet you and look your interviewer in the eye and shake their hand firmly. Keep your hands where others can see them-out of pockets when standing or on the table when sitting. When we can see your hands we trust you and when we cant we dont trust you. Research the company. What are their bestselling products, who are their biggest competitors Why do you want to work for them How are you going to contribute to their success Have the answers to such questions as, What was your favorite thing about your last job or Tell me about yourself. These should told as a story eg, My favorite thing about my last job was where we had to Have the answer to, Whats your greatest strength/weakness Your greatest weakness is just a strength taken to an extreme, eg Im so interested in my subject I can talk in too much detail about it but I am getting better at picking and choosing what information to pass on, etc. Record a professional voicemail greeting as this is the first contact many potential employers will have with you. A professional email address is also recommended. Clean up your Facebook and other social networking web pages. Any posts or photos that dont say, I can be trusted with your accounts/business/clients have to go. Call after the interview and always ask for the job Follow up Even if they dont call you back always follow up and ask why you didnt get the job if you were unsuccessful and ask for tips in how to improve your interviewing skills. Donts Dont sit with a too cool for school attitude eg leaning back, one leg crossed over the other, one arm thrown over the back of the chair. Sit up and forward in your chair and lean towards your interviewer and SMILE. Dont assume Prepare answers to the worst three questions you anticipate getting and practice them out loud. Dont forget you are interviewing from the time you arrive at the building-many employers can see you from the parking lot or may even be in the elevator with you. This is not the time to brush your hair, remove your gum, or finish your phone call about your drinks last night. Dont arrive wearing MP3 headphones in your ears/sunglasses on your head/carrying a bag thats bulging with papers or old sandwiches, etc. Dont leave your phone on or check your phone during the meeting, at the elevator, or on your way to the door. Nothing is more important than this interview. Dont bad mouth your former employers. If you didnt enjoy the experience, simply say youre looking forward to more of a challenge - employers prize loyalty. Dont be late If you havent been there before look at an online map and plan your trip. Assume they will be helping you negotiate - you should have a salary range in mind. While you should not bring up a number, if they ask What are you looking for you should have a number in mind. Dont ask How did I do at the end of the meeting. So, whats my next step is a better enquiry.

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