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Organizational Culture at Youth4Work
It is very well said that more the number of people, more difficult it is to reach and understand a person. Even more then that it will create a high power distance between the person at senior level and low level in an organization. Culture in an organization will make a person to behave in that particular way. Organizations culture is dependent upon senior management and employees of the organization. To build a strong and good environment senior management have to be very friendly and helpful. Youth4Work is in its initial phase. It is an organization with around 20-25 employees. Organization follows three level of hierarchical structure which is more like a flat structure. The founder of the organization Mr.Rachit Jain is at the top most position and then comes head of five departments. The main five departments are IT department, Manage recruitment, User acquisition, Company engagement, College engagement and Assessment. These departments are headed by Amit Kumar, T. Pranay Reddy, Sharad Bharadva, Gulshan Thakur, Pratik Marwah and Bharat Khanna respectively. These five person are pulling the cart of Youth4Work under the guidance of founder with their strength to reach a new heights. Then comes the employees, internship students and students doing training under them. From my two months internship experience while working with this company give me an insight of how to work hard and smart with founder and heads of the department. Work culture over here is very good. All the people are very friendly and helpful. They are easily approachable and ready to share their experience with anyone. This experience helps you to gain, understand and predict the future. Innovating new things and doing new things for employee engagement are part of daily routine. They try their level best to let everyone feel Youth4Work as their family. All the members are supportive and understanding to each other. Putting the Mood Board where employee use to update their daily status will connect them with other. Every weekend calling a review meeting makes the organization updated regarding the different departments their achievements and fields where they are lagging behind so that they can work on them and achieve the goal in next week. Organizational culture over here is mix of Clan, adhocracy and market risk oriented culture. Where people here are mutually understanding each other, working with the management and taking risk in the market to sell the product and reach all customer market. Building good culture in the initial stage of the organization will help the management to build strong and good base for the building. People over here give respect to everyones opinion. Youth4Work in their initial phase are doing good and will reach new heights in good time. The only thing which keeps then focus is the urge to do good and show the world that they present here with some different feature. Friendly and helpful nature will make other to learn more and Youth4Work will make a mark in the industry.

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