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Relevance of social media
Social media is a way of volunteering communicating with people, society and community that matters to you. There are various advantages of social media. One of the main advantage of this is that we can get access to latest news about what is happening around us. It is a platform where we can share our views in support and against of post, blogs and updates .With the increase in number of mobile phones and computers users accessing internet social media has become popular.
There are different aspects of social media. Some people take it in a positive manner and some take it as to exploit other. Privacy and a dividing line that what is private and what is public and what to share and what not to is depends on person.
In my point of view if taken in a negative manner many people think that social media is free but they do not know that they end up lending much of time in social media which is actually a waste of time. This clearly means they are giving price which is their precious time.
Facebook and twitter are the two big names in social media on which millions even billions of people are active. Here we get lots of information regarding individuals and what is happening in their society. Many different news channels have also been registered where we can read news article on economy, government, sports and what is happening in other countries as well.
Talking about facebook I think to utilise it in better way is that there are different pages of good personality where they share their thoughts regarding education and share their opinion which we can like from where we get inspiring ideas and quotes and which can actually motivate us. And for twitter people have started changing mind and view on the basis which person they follow. Actually both have the same meaning no matter it is facebook or twiiter.

One of the advantage can be like for example if some person or child is missing we can upload his or her photo on facebook which is shared publicly in different groups on this platform. After seeing this if any people have seen that person or child can inform to the person who have posted that or shared that pic.
Social media is also a platform for companies where they can directly advertise about product. And can get opinion. And it is also a platform for solving customer and buyer issues , like quikr and olx are the two known and popular app where customer can have direct contact to the seller or owner who is selling his product and can get there queries solved.
Now a days we see so many players and athletes advertise for different products on twitter using hashtag on his twitter.
At last everything has its positive side and negative side. It is we people who have to take the relevant out of social media. But it is a matter of thinking that peoples are attracted and get lured to negative and vulgarity. If the people are attached to good people and follow good things on social media they will surely get to learn many good things.

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