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? Has attended 100-hour training module for learning industrial working of machines by COE-A on the following topics.



? DURATION-8 hours

• Machining
• Joining

• Forming

• Casting

• Molding

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: -Studied and analyzed the various aspects of manufacturing processes.


? TOPIC-Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing

? DURATION- 16 hour

? LEARNINGS- Basically GD&T is used to reduce the number of notes, dimensions and tolerances required on a drawing. There are various types of tolerances provided to a component being designed by a designer. They are: -






? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: -Made a drawing sheet including the concepts of GD&T in such a way that it can be directly sent to shop floor for production purpose.


? TOPIC- Study of vehicle and its electrical components

? DURATION-8 hour

? LEARNINGS- Got to know about the working of electrical components in a vehicle and how electrical components are necessary for a vehicle

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: - Analyzed the working of electrical components


? TOPIC-Profile Projector (Optical Comparator)

? DURATION-8 hour

? LEARNINGS-Learned the working of Profile Projector and how measurements of objects with complex dimensions can be carried out. It is a useful item in a small parts machine shop or production line for the quality control inspection team. Got to know, how to install it and how it can be calibrated

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS-Projected the profile of a coin and a screw to measure its diameter and various dimensions.


? TOPIC-Corporate HR

? DURATION-8 hour

? LEARNINGS-Learned the working of HR Dep't in an organization and what are its functions in developing a good environment in the industry


? TOPIC-Arduino Basics


? LEARNINGS-Gave us an idea about Arduino and how it plays an important role in the automobile sector. Learned 4 concepts

• Basic electronics

• Arduino microcontrollers, IDE, Community and Language

• Interactive design

• Digital fabrication

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS-Did a small project on how to blink a LED with the help of Arduino.


? TOPIC- Concepts of lean manufacturing

? DURATION-32 hour

? LEARNINGS-Learned about lean manufacturing and how it can be implemented to identify and eliminate waste in a production process and learnt about the lean tools which form the very much needed base of lean manufacturing. Lean tools being: -

• 5’s

• Kaizen

• Poka Yoke

• Just-in-time

• Value stream mapping

• Cellular manufacturing

• Kanban

• Overall equipment effectiveness

• Single minute exchange of Dies

• Standardized work

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: -Did tasks in our college which gave us a chance to use lean tools and used it to detect certain flaws in the management system which made the system more effective than ever


? TOPIC-Quality Control Tools

? DURATION-16 Hour

? LEARNINGS-Learned about 7 basics tools of quality originated in JAPAN. These tools which comprised of simple graphical and statistical techniques are helpful in solving critical quality related issues.

• 7 QC Tools are: -

• Stratification

• Histogram

• Check Sheets

• Fishbone Diagrams

• Pareto Chart

• Scatter Diagram

• Control Charts

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS-With the help of these tools, we solved problems which were given to us spontaneously by our speaker. This gave us an insight on how to use the tools


? TOPIC-8 hour

? DURATION-Automotive Core Tools

? LEARNINGS-Learned about the various types of automotive core tools which are used in the industry. Automotive Tools are the building blocks of an effective quality management system. Automotive tools are: -






? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: - Learned the implementation of automotive core tools to solve critical issues and even solved various problems where we used SPC and MSA.


? TOPIC-8 hour

? DURATION-Blueprint Reading

? LEARNINGS-Learned to

• Identify types of engineering drawing sheets

• Understand the meaning of the elements being used in the drawing.

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS-Studied blueprints of various components to make ourself thorough with the concept of blueprint reading.


? TOPIC-8 hour

? DURATION-Excel and PPT techniques

? LEARNINGS-Learned the various commands of excel and PPT which proved beneficial to us in our assignment and shortcuts which can prove to time-saving and increase our efficiency.

? PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS-Made various PIVOT Tables on the basis of given data.


? TOPIC-8 hour

? DURATION-Cut section study of TATA 1613 engine

? LEARNINGS-Learned the functioning of the various components of an engine and how each played a significant role in proper functioning of the engine.

? 6-month internship at Varroc Polymers

? Venue: Varroc Polymers Pvt Ltd. Binola, Haryana

? Duration: 6 months from February,18 to August,18 on the Payroll of Paramhans Associates
? Profile and Responsibilities:

? For the initial few days, handled the processed part packaging process, in which I got the sole responsibility of packing the part and passing it to the quality department.

Also, handled 'injection molding machine', in which I got a chance to produce parts while keeping an eye on the quality of the product.

Individually control the production process without any faulty part being passed to the other department.

Supervised, operated and controlled injection molding machine of 500 Ton capacity.

Led the team of new workers to help them learn the process of injection molding and what all quality defects can occur while on the machine. I also suggested few kaizens which could prove to be beneficial to the plant if they implement it

Suggested Three Kaizen in plant with surity to enhance the efficiency of plant.

• Sitting arrangement for operators
Operators need to stand for long time while working. Approximate every operator stands for 12 hours.
During every cycle of machine every operator can get at least 10 seconds of relaxing time in which he
can sit. If a chair will be arranged for those type of machine then it can give some relaxation to the
worker. There are also some machines in which operator can work by sitting and efficiency either
remains same or gets improved. This is most important for all the operator to get free from fatigue.
Arrangement of first-Aid
There should be proper arrangements of first aid especially for burning and cut. All operators and
deflashers use very sharp knife and by using it the chance of cut is usual. As well as mould changer or
operator also have the chances to get burn. There are arrangements in the industry but that
arrangement is improper. Cure should be done with immediate effect.
Official break for operator
There should be an official break for operators. All the operators work for very long time there must be
an arrangement.

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