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Project RelatedSteps:

Steps #1: The Beginner or Transitioning

? Transitioning from SAP WebDynpro, SAP Enterprise Portal (OR) Netweaver content creation to latest UX technologies
? Jump start their career as UX champion

Attend some handson workshops & create the basic SAP UI5 or SAP Fiori applications.
So I have created project by the basic introductory sessions on SAPUI5, SAP WEBIDE and showfloor pods.

Steps #2: Developers

Persona 1:Mobile Developers for the Digital Enterprise

? Focus on native app development related sessions be it on iOS or Android.

Persona 2:Designing and Developing SAP Fiori, SAP SuccessFactor, SAP Cloud Foundry Applications

? Attend the handson workshops & create basic SAPUI5, SEP WEBIDE, and SAP Fiori Elements to learn more about the innovations happening in the space of Fiori.Based on that I have Build to know more about design led development process.

? Attend the handson workshop Sessions & Based on that Setup, install SAP Hana Database service using SAP Cloud Platorm & SAP Cloud Foundry Application.Then Build database objects/services in HANA service using SAP WebIDE Full-Stack.

? Attend the handson workshop Sessions Create SAP Cloud Platorm & SAP SuccessFactor Application.Then Build & Deploy using SAP WebIDE Full-Stack

Step #3: Implement and run Great UX

? Attend the handson workshops & sessions sharing best practices and implementation options for SAP Fiori. Know more about providing central point of access for all the content via SAP Fiori Launch Pad and SAP Portal.Also explore migration possibilities

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