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Best time of Yoga
What is the Best Time to do Yoga?
Sunrise is a very good time to practice yoga. Muhurta(before sunrise), which is 3:40 am, is not a practical option for a lot of us. Therefore, according to our experts, sunrise time is real and practical.
Similar to how you start your day with coffee or tea, start it with yoga, making it a daily morning practice. Breathing in the fresh air in the morning time is ideal and helps you prepare for the challenges of the day ahead. What is best about a morning yoga routine is that you get an energy boost that Wno coffee or tea can beat.
While the poses activate you and make you flexible for the day, yogic breathing stimulates and energizes your mind. It also keeps you fresh and rejuvenated. Yoga practice in the morning will keep you balanced and help you to calmly manage traffic jams, busy work schedules, and household chores.
Once you wake up, it’s best to empty your bowels, brush your teeth and start practicing. This way, you are less likely to skip the practice or feel too tired to do it later in the day
Mornings are when your muscles and joints are the stiffest. Yoga stretches and adds flexibility to them, thus helping you be on your toes throughout the day with ease.
Practicing yoga early in the morning is an excellent way to refresh your mind and spirit and get ready to take on the challenges of the day. It will ultimately awaken you & make you embrace the vibrancy of the day.
Also, sweat production is low in the mornings, preventing dehydration.
With so many advantages attached to it, no wonder a lot of traditions consider morning time as sacred.
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