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Since the demand for feather is low, most of those are burned, buried or used as fertilizer. Economic pressure exists to find a more stable and profitable value-added product from poultry feathers. In present work waste chicken feathers were collected from poultry units and are cleaned with a polar solvent like ethanol and dried. The quills are removed and the short fibres 10-30 mm length are obtained. These fibresrsquo in pre-determined weight proportion are processed to make random orientation and made into composite using Polyester as a matrix by compression moulding technique. Their low cost, low density and large aspect ratio can make them good reinforcing materials as a matrix composite. METHODOLOGY Collection of Chicken feather Purification of Chicken feather Separation of barbs from quill Producing feather constituents Barbs, Quill, Quill dust Dimensional analysis Physical Testing of quill Physical Composite manufacturing Compression Technique Testing Composite Mechanical Properties Micro structure analysis SAMPLES Sample 1 Material used Polyester Resin Hardener. Sample 2 Material used Polyester Resin Hardener Mats 8gms. Sample 3 Material used Polyester Resin Hardener Mats 12gms Sample 4 Material used Polyester Resin Hardener Mats 12gms Whole Features. Sample 5 Material used Polyester Resin Hardener Mats 16gms stems. Sample 6 Material used Polyester Resin Hardener Powder. CONCLUSION Comparing the tensile values, the sample 6 has the maximum capacity to withstand static load. Sample 5 has the highest ability to resist sudden loads i.e. impact strength. Based on microstructure, strength increases with increase in fibre mats. Based on microstructure, orientation of stems at 0o /90o enhances the impact strength. Based on microstructure, powdered material of fibre gives an average value for both tensile and impact properties.

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