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Purpose of LIFE by thinking BIG
Have you ever wondered, What do I want from my life What are my dreams in life What is the purpose for which I39m living And is that purpose the ultimate one Too many questions right But all of them ask one thing, what we want to achieve at the end of our lives. We all think that 39I will get a job, earn some money, have fun and live with my family. That39s it.39 This is what our parents have done, and maybe many of us will do. But will that be all These things you can achieve in say 10-15 years, but what after that our lives will not come to an end. What will be the use of living a life with no aim or by doing the same things again and again. So, the thing we should do is think of a long term goal. Think of something that interests you or something you always wanted to do. Like, if you always wanted to own a multi-national company or start an NGO or anything that interests you but let it be BIG. The only thing we should remember is while aiming big, don39t forget to think big in terms of the people who would be benefited from your work. We all live for ourselves, but the satisfaction that comes from helping others is long-lasting and satisfying. For e.g., One of my aim is to help a majority of senior citizens by building old-age homes and hospitals for them. It is a tough job, but worth doing. Similarly, think about your life39s purpose and yes whatever it maybe let it be big for everyone. After that layout the steps on how would you achieve it and go on the journey of your life with regular feedback or progress reports to keep a check that you are on track. Lastly, if you want any help regarding your purpose or planning it, i39am always with you. Thank you.

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