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Today morning my mom told me to take her to the temple.I agreed and took out the car from the garage and we moved towards the shrine.While i sat inside,she headed.I saw her taking some flowers and sweets for offerings.She seemed mirthful.I peeped out of the window for some fresh air and then i saw some people sitting beside a tea stall and waiting for their tea.A common man ,yes, they were the common fellows who had no time to ponder about anything but work.They knew the real life and how a single penny was earned.I could see them smiling at nothing.They were common and contended. As for people like us,Man is a greedy animal.We tend to get lured to materialistic things and never get satisfied.We always want MORE.My motive to deliver this to you is that whatever we have,we should be happy as some people are happy with NOTHING.

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