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Come, Walk In My Shoes
I gave a back and never returned. I tucked myself away in a corner. It seemed as if the twinge was over. But how did I forget that I still had to live a couple of decades. Living for me had curved into surviving. The pain was intense and heavy. The brain was a storm and couldnt find peace. And I was a chaos. Life is just a four letter word but it has so much hidden within. The race is always on and we cant take a break from it. It depends on us whether we take it positively and practically or we break ourselves into pieces by getting deep down emotional and negative. Each one of us has tragic incidents to shed tears for. Each one of us have shoes to wear but with a different sole. All of us have a body to live but with a different soul. So try to be a pillar and face each day with courage. Everybody has their own story to tell. Everybody says Come, Walk in my shoes and feel my pain.

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