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Android, Core Java, Database
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Specialties: Mobile App Testing,Android,iOS,Xbox 360, PC, PS3, iPad, iPhone,Driver chip set testing,MM,Bluetooth & Silicon Validation.

In-depth knowledge in execution and documentation of tests - Manual Testing, Software Testing methods- Black box testing, Functional testing , Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Test Scenarios Identification, Test Case Authoring, Test Management, Test Case Design & Execution, Defects Reporting & Tracking, Test Coverage, Re-testing and Regression Testing.

Having good knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) and Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).
--?>Good in writing Test Case, Test Plan, Traceability Matrix, Procedure to write test cases,Test Case Review Template and Test case review procedure, Test case execution procedure, defect tracking and Test execution report.
--?>Strong in writing Functional test cases, Integration test cases, System test cases.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills including technical documentation, and defect reporting.
# Tested on Standalone (Desktop) and Web Applications
# Performed Functional (Smoke, System, Regression, User Acceptance) and Non functional (Compatibility, UI) Testings
# Designed Test Plans and Test Strategies
# Designed and Executed Test Cases using Zephyr (JIRA Product) and ATM(BMC Remedy S/w)
#Proficient knowledge in developing test scripts that comply with the test cases for manual.
#Experience in creating and executing Manual test cases.
#Good knowledge in Functional, Integration, System ,Black Box Testing, Adhoc , Smoke, Regression, Exploratory, Compatibility & Performance Testing.
#Internal tools development to decrease testing time.
#Troubleshooting and analysing driver test case results.
#Graphics API (OpenGL/DirectX) testing for graphics driver.
#Running performance and bench-marking on graphics cards.
#Testing AMD GPU and driver testing with predefined test-cases
#Operating system installation & troubleshooting with graphic drivers.

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