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Snapped. A Perspective !!
Though my profile's "About Me" section describes me a lot, there's lot to me than just few texts. Some more adjectives funny, witty, understanding, imaginative, easily consoled, art loving, athletic, outgoing, high spirited, calm, highly optimistic but analytical, hardly angry...

Howmuchever we try to, but words dont't pick up the real emotions. Because words always resonate to others in third person. And in my living moments, I believe in capturing the life through snaps. Some are candid, some are posed. Some are natural, some are edited. Some are focussed, some are totally out of focus. NO I'm not one of those crazy shutterbugs who buys a DSLR and write 'professional photographer' in their intro. I used my Canon powershot and with affordability sinking in, got a Micromax Canvas 2 had got one of the firsts in Kolkata when launched. The 'keeda' can be traced 15 years back when we got our Yashica; haven't seen any model in recent years. Digital developers have changed the game of snapping. Had not this happened, how would people these days take and post 'Selfies' This selfie snapping and usage made 'Selfie' the word of the year 2013.

I dont take selfies, I'm not that selfish A lot of friends get irritated when I get down to snapping spree. but for some like my sisters and few friends, I am their portfolio creator. What they do appreciate is my sincereity and honesty of making them look natural in whatever they suit up. It's Trust. Difficult to have. BTW, I'm yet to use Instagram the way some crazy people do. But you can get my genre of snapping here: http// .. I've many interesting albums on my Facebook too.

If you share a passion for such photography, do connect with me. I may not have a photogenic face, but I've a photographic mind!!


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