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Google Holi Doodles - Then and Now !!
Google Doodles are the one of the most looked for things on internet Doodles are crafty, witty, coloful and most importantly instantaneously significant. The links on doodles drive to the occasion of the day. Look up on here for more info on Google Doodles. What I wanna point out is that Google has designed the doodles for Holi only 4 times since the very inception of doodles. And all the four images are a part of this blog. Read how Holi is a historic festival in India . The first one was in 2001, the vry next year since doodles were initiated. A simple clip-art around the original logo. Then in 2010, the second doodle playing with bowls of colors and fonts. The last one was in 2011, Google logo in plain white font with colors in background. However, I am wondering why did Google not publish Holi doodles in 2012 and 2013 Or if they did, why is there no record Anyways, I am glad Google came up with a doodle for Holi 2014 and it just got updated as the clock struck 12 few mins back That39s the one as the header of this blog.. I think, this doodle attributes the real Holi spirit of splashing colors through a 39pichkari39 hand water-jet. Of course it also connects with the most rampant Bollywood number of 2013 from film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani quotBalam Pichkari jo tune muje maari...quot Keeping the same spirits high, let39s celebrate the Holi with all flying colors Happy Holi and Happy Doodling
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    • Coz few years back Larry thought why to waste money by updating domain 
      when their most clicks comes from US and UK Web where only few % of clicks comes from India.
      And now as Indian E-marketing startegies and e-commerce business rapidly growing, so Larry has started updating Google India domain in every festival and even in the holidays too.
      And He knows very well in the future, India will be one of the biggest e-commerce market in the world.

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