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I am an Evangelist @ Youth4work
Heya Hope you are exploring and enjoying Youth4work platform. And if you are confused with what features and links to click, trust me I was in the same state few months back when I joined this amazing team. Today at Youth4work we39ve come a very long way in very short time. I work closely with founder Rachit on Business Operations, User Engagement and User Experience areas. Also, I debate with other business leaders and technology team on logics and processes while building technology solutions for corporates, colleges/schools and individual users. The intent is to offer the best within the business contraints. Moreover, I39ve just got a nice bunch of interns - maniacs from top B-Schools who believe in our platform and have joined us to evangelize Youth4work across all geographies. They are working on some exciting initiatives to increase our footprints across. Feature-wise, For USERS, we have introduced many new yTests, yChallenges, Talent Forums and their reputation boards, college alumni networks, profile building features, job opportunity matching algorithms and many others. For CORPORATES, we have introduced new services for WorkMails yConnected to keep you connect with youth directly, yAssess - Assessment tools to create own tests and hire people, yCampus - a pooled campus connect tool and many others. If you have any new ideas, features, suggestions to increase our UBEE User Base-Engagment-Experience and/or any concerns/complaints, write into me directly Follow us on Twitter Youth4work Like and share our Facebook page If you are reading this, pls do comment. Your comments on this post will create and boost our energies at Youth4work. Cheers Sharad

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