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Hello everyone.
I'm Supriya and this is my first blog.

Today I'm picking a topic which I feel is very important for discussion. We always feel that we don't have adequate resources for accomplishing our goals and most of us give up. Maybe it is true for many but before giving up, an in-depth analysis is of utmost importance.
For instance, usually students prefer many books reference book, guides book, tuition notes, various test paper etc. before going through the main text book. I'm not opposing the use different books but we can use the available resource(s) (text book) in the best way before stepping to references.

In the same manner whether the resource is money or any material which we think is not sufficient for the purpose and we are rushing to get more..... We need to take a pause and be crystal clear about the matter that yes we really need this.
Thanks for reading my blog and contributing your valuable time.

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