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This Blog will Deal in Three Major Parts 1. Economic and Fundamental Analysis It will deal in our take on economic activities, National/International, Developments on the Dallal Street. 2. Technical Analysis This part will include predictions of market movement on the basis of Technical analysis. The post will contain Tips with Buy range, Target Prices and Stop loss prices. The author is an amateur in this field and will post his views on the basis of his learningrsquos in Dow Theory, Elliot Wave theory and Candlestick chart patterns. The author wishes to be fair and analyze his mistakes if markets donrsquot move according to his predictions and thus learn in the process. 3. Derivatives Strategy Here we wish to make people aware of a dynamic financial tool called derivatives. This section will contain details about FNO markets and Strategies to hedge using options. We will discuss Option strategies for current market scenario and would analyze and share here the results of the same

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