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Friendship day and its importance!
Here comes again the friendship day, knocking the door of emotions and memories. A bunch of flowers, friendship bands, chocolates, soft toys and a lot more creep through my mind, reminding me of my school and college days. Those memories are like cool breeze which sooths my every wound and pain. True that now I have a level of maturity and friendship day does not get restricted to gifts and cards but I wonrsquot mind if any of my friends make my day with card and flowers on that very day - hellip. By the grace of God, I have been blessed with so many good friends that their presence in my life makes each day of mine too worthy and too special. What can be a better comment, when one of my friends told me ldquoif I donrsquot talk to you, I feel lifelessrdquo Recently she was on a trip to Japan and she made sure that at least we could converse a couple of lines every day. She is not less than a sister, a guardian and an emotional supporter for me. Perhaps I too, occupy the same space in her lifehellipLife is short and if we are lucky to have good friends in our life, we should value them. Piousness, respect, loyalty and mutual understanding lead to lifelong relationships.. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

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