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Gender Biases in the world of literature
Recently I read in a leading newspaper that renowned female authors of the world tried to hide their identity in their initial days in order to be taken seriously by mass audiences and readers. Reason They feared they wonrsquot be accepted and their work wonrsquot be noticed if they revealed their identity. I was shocked. From then onwards I have been thinking- ldquoif I ever think of getting my work published, do I too need to impose a male pseudonym on myself to gain popularityrdquo Disgusting. Isnrsquot it Adopting masculine pseudonym by female authoresses to attract readers really shows that we are still living in the male chauvinistic society. Why is such biases among readers and publishers how come is it possible When they come to know that their favourite writer is a female, are they shocked Do their egos get hurt that how a woman can write a sci-fi novel They are of the opinion that a thriller must be work of a man. Might be, I will have to do a thorough research to analyze the mindset of so-called readers and the publishers who are gender biased. Adopting a pen name is something different and opting for a gender-biased pseudonym is something different. In fact, it is like using crutch by a self-dependent and normal person. Who is not aware of the ldquoHarry Potterrdquo fame JK Rowling and people going crazy for the movie adoptions of her novel series She, too, was suggested by her publisher to use the initials of her name instead of her real name. More or less the same story goes for the world renowned Harper Lee, George Sand, Isak Dinesen, George Eliot and J D Robb to name a few. However, if we think from different standpoint some famous authoresses like Arundhati Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Anita Desai and Danielle steel never let the gender demarcation affect their work and has gained popularity because of the work penned down by them and that too with their original names. The fact is that the literature world would have lost the best of works if it would have refrained itself from the inclusion of these female writers. A good manuscript should be recognized and given credit, not based on the gender. Female writers have struggled throughout history to validate their work but now it shouldnrsquot be the criteria. Let the work speak for itself otherwise, we are surely gone to deprive ourselves from the bests of written work and compositions.

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