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It is a web oriented application which allows us to access the whole information about the college, staffs, students, facilities, gallery, career etc. This application provides a virtual tour of Campus. It is a like a college management system which is implemented in a PHP programming language using HTML and CSS web designing and My SQL Database. Here we will get the latest information about the students, staffs, latest events. Main aim of this project is to develop an online website which will cover details about institutes, courses, events, facilities available, career, students info, staff info, founder of the college etc. This application is designed for assisting the students of an institute regarding information on the courses, subjects, classes and timetable. It also provides support that a faculty can also check about his daily schedule, can upload assignments, and notices to the students. In existing system there is no specific method for finding details about institutes and know about institute from previous year students from respective colleges. Students should visit college and find details about the college which is a time taking procedure. This website makes it easier whether he/she is a student or a staff or a faculty can get every information about the college, events happening in the college, courses available in the college, founder of the college, students info, facilities available, career etc. It operates the whole procedure using a data integration approach

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