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Potential Stressors of University Students
Potential Stressors of University Students Current research indicates that the prevalence of stress is increasing among college students and impacts student achievement and student retention, both issues integral to the mission of any university or educational institution. If university administrators want to effectively support students, they need to know the types of stress student experience and how it impacts their sense of well-being and academic performance. The identification and evaluation of stressors affecting students is important for developing appropriate programs to help students cope effectively. Defining stress is a crucial matter. Some researchers define it as the stimulus that produces uncomfortable reactions and for others it reflects the perturbation of the adaptation state of the person. The stimuli inducing these stressful responses are called Stressors. College students typically face a unique set of stressors. The environment of a college or a university life can be quite different and difficult from the types of stress experienced by non-students. For example, there will be a constant pressure to perform and achieve good grades. There may be communication problems with faculty regarding expectations for classroom participation, assignments, and evaluation or grading criteria. Students are expected to be more independent and less supervised which requires new levels of initiative and self monitoring. University life often brings new living arrangements, new eating and sleeping habits. There could be other stresses too which include, economic well - being, social relationships, family, romance, time management, career goals, physical appearance, health etc. But the important factor is there is a need to distinguish between stress that may be considered positive from that which is negative. A certain level of tension can be seen as helpful and beneficial eustress and may provide the needed motivation to accomplish the goal. Negative stress distress , is detrimental in that it impairs working memory and can affect health and academic performance. Academic stress combined with low control and low support can lead to psychological strain, anxiety, poor physical health and is also associated with a variety of negative outcomes, including depression, social dysfunction and physical illness ultimately leading to undesirable coping habits. Freshmen are more susceptible to stress as they make the dramatic transition from high school to college or from undergraduate to postgraduate. Gender issues also exist with females generally reporting higher levels of stress. But it is also reported that due to societal pressures, male students feel more pressure than female students and hence they are more concerned about their education and future. Financial issues are more stressful for male students as compared to female students. Too many exams at the same time, too many lectures covered in too short time, campus bureaucracy, and living conditions in hostels are also some other factors for creating stress among the students. While stress is a part of life and it is difficult to be preclude, it can be reduced. Specific areas that may reduce the levels of stress are academic advising, social support, time management, goal setting, relaxing techniques and integration into academic community. Informational and emotional supports have been identified as effective resources for prevention of stress. Teaching simple stress reducing strategies can positively influence studentsrsquo sense of well-being, improve academic performance, and reduce dropout rates. College/University personnel need to consider developing stress management training as a regular activity. Universities have a history of dedication to academic excellence, but institutions of high learning must also provide the student body with effective psychological support. Providing students with quality education and counseling services will go a long way in developing wellgrounded and productive students.

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