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Women As Idols Of India
Women as Idol of Modern India Six reasons why women can make a difference The war for talent Fewer and fewer graduates are opting for careers in IT and technology ndash even those with computer science related degrees are choosing to pursue roles in other areas such as marketing. The combination of these two trends means there is a real fear that in the near future the sector will be struggling for talent to remain competitive. Women represent a huge source of untapped talent that could really make a difference. Improving the team dynamic Introducing women into IT or any other team which is largely dominated by men can benefit both the team and the organization. On the whole women tend to have strong soft skills such as communication. A balanced team relates better to the customer base If your team consists of just one demographic, how are you able to effectively relate to and communicate with all of your customers or clients Hiring female talent means your workforce will be more representative of its customer base and as a whole will be able to better understand who it is serving. Women are such influential consumers in todayrsquos economy that having female talent delivering to them is vital. A better gender balance leads to greater profits The more women you employ, the more money you make ndash research seems to show that this theory is true. In a study of US Fortune 500 companies, those with the highest proportion of female directors were both more profitable and more efficient. Also, research by McKinsey showed that European organizations with the highest proportion of women in influential leadership roles had better than average financial performance. Role models will attract more talent into the profession The more women that are hired within any sector, the more visible female technologists will be. This will create more role models. This could encourage more female graduates and female returners to take up roles in the sector and boost business in the sector. Top 5 Business Womenrsquos of India They are the example in women power and have become the role models to all young girl aspirants 1. Nupur Mitra, Chairperson and Managing Director, Dena Bank 2. Arundhati Bhattacharjee, Deputy Managing Director, Corporate Development, State Bank Of India 3. Renu Karnad Sud, Managing Director. HDFC 4. Shikha Sharma, CEO and Managing Director, AXIS Bank 5. Chanda Kochhar, CEO and MD of ICICI Bank. Why can39t we be the next

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