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Communication Skills, Handling Situation
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my name is shivangi bhardwaj, living in powai, Mumbai and doing BBA (bachelors in business administration) form D.Y.PATIL UNIVERSITY school of management. have done my early studies from THE CATHEDRAL VIDYA SCHOOL, lonavala. while staying in a boarding school i have developed various skills like learning new things, interacting with types of people, adjustment, being independent, decision making etc. But now, while doing my BBA, i am also enhancing my self in other skills like communication, marketing etc, as these are the current subjects i am studying right now.
now, coming on to reality, in this world of competition where earning money is being more important than gaining knowledge, where everyone is running in the race of being more successful. i have also decided to be a part of it by doing internship at the earliest as possible. this would give me experience and knowledge to stand confident enough to face the world.

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