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Using our senses as Writers
I was walking out from the library and I looked up. Pure gray. I was about 5-6 minutes from home, by car. But by foot, that39s a whole different story. More like 10-15 minutes even if I ran. I knew I39d get soaked no matter what. It poured down. I felt it on my arms like little kids throwing pebbles at me. I could smell the fresh air and flowers near by, so I guess It wasn39t too bad. I came across my long alley and ran down it as fast as I could. I slipped and fell as skinned my hands. I push up with my elbows and taste the rain. Salty, too salty. So salty I cough and gasp for air. I look down at my knees and they39re all muddy. But I don39t care, I start running again and quicker than it seems, I39m by my almost 100 year old house. I hear a clash of thunder, as it happened, I am feeling the turbulance next to my ear. Gosh I immidietly opened my eyes turned off the ALARM.. wohaaaa.. OMG I am into my house. I39m safe. It was a dream, the blood chilling one. P.S. For the first time ever in my life I didnt cursed my Alarm for disturbing my sleep. lol Note Using our Senses as Writers.
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